The Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) at Newcastle University asked us to help them with the design of a report they’re just produced called Decentralisation: Issues, Principles and Practice. Decentralisation is a hugely complex issue and the report contains enough rarefied lingo to melt your face off. Roots and Wings designed the report and produced various infographics for some of the information contained within. The report is a clarion call for the creation of an independent commission and roadmap to guide any efforts to reroute power from central to local governments; a process which so far has been undertaken in a way that’s described by the report as ‘rapid, ad hoc and piecemeal’, with decisions being made behind closed doors by parties whose rationales remain unclear. Two hundred hard copies were printed for the launch event which, in order to have maximum political impact, took place in –you guessed it – London. Very apt, given the subject matter. It was obvious that a lot of hard thought had gone into the creation of this report, and we’re happy that the authors were pleased with the design. We hope it’ll go on to help convince policy-makers to drag the decentralisation process out from the shadows.