Day Tripping

ESOL, cvs, NWNHere at Roots and Wings HQ, we’ve just received a visit from our favourite Geordie Sales Executive Len from Potts Print. This time it was to drop off ‘Day Tripping’ – the end result of a collaborative project between ourselves and CSV Newcastle, commissioned by New Writing North. Last year we took a group of young adults who speak English as a second language on a series of short trips around Newcastle. The aim was to help them improve their English-speaking skills and build up their vocabulary. With this in mind, during the trips they were encouraged to make a note of any unfamiliar words or phrases they came across. These were then fed into more formal workshop-style sessions with these young rascals, in which they worked together as a group to come up with a short paragraph about each trip. The finished publication will be shared with CSVs across the country as a sort of ‘picture dictionary’ and an example of good practice. We had a premium time working with the young people (and staff) from CSV Newcastle and we’d like to thank them for reacting to the project in such a positive way. Big thanks also to New Writing North!