It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey…


Over the last couple of months Roots and Wings has been busy providing consultancy and branding for The Journey, an exciting new space opening in town on Monday 18th May. The Journey represents an ambitious partnership between three brilliant ethically-minded organisations; Sustrans, Recyke y’bike and Colour Coffee.

The Journey aims to get more people travelling healthily and sustainably by selling refurbished bikes at affordable prices, carrying out bike servicing and repairs, and offering information on everything healthy travel-related, from cycling/walking paths and routes to info on local initiatives. They’ll also be selling amazing fresh coffee, ethically sourced and locally roasted.

Hopefully over coming months The Journey will develop into a nexus for sustainability, encouraging more people to take a fresh look at how they traverse the city and provide the impetus needed to get more people travelling on bikes and legs. The Journey is located on the Blue Carpet just along from the Laing Art Gallery. If you like cycling or coffee or both, why not pop along next week and see the new space. For more information on The Journey, you can sign up to their mailing list via the following link:-