StreetWise Refurb!


Following on from our service design project that looked at Children and Young Peoples mental health services we identified a clear need for the environments in which young people receive help to be more friendly, welcoming and less anxiety-inducing.

We’re not really in the business of picking favourites, but I’ll just go out on a limb and say it… StreetWise is one of our favourite charities in Newcastle. Teenagers love them for the outstanding service they provide, the warmth of the staff and their understanding of the issues facing young people. Roots and Wings have been in talks with the ever-inspiring StreetWise CEO Mandy Coppin ever since our service design project and we often talked about giving their reception area a complete DIY SOS-style makeover. Well, the time we had been planning for so long finally arrived.

There was much sawing, sparky-ing, sanding, painting, gluing and screwing, as well as some more esoteric practices such as pipe-bending, and within the space of five days, StreetWise’s reception area was transformed into a cool, industrial hang-out fit for a hipster king. There won’t be any hipster kings there though… Just lots of young people passing through in search of free confidential advice, counseling, and quite possibly, free condoms.

We’d like to thank all the StreetWise staff for the tea and coffee and trusting us on the refurb. We’d also like to thank everyone who helped on the project, particularly the irrepressible Dave Underwood for his joinery skills and a Nick Knowles-level of can-do attitude without which the project wouldn’t have been possible.