A Day in the Life…

Awareness-raising App created with young carers group

Roots and Wings worked alongside YES! project staff and one particular group of young carers (YES! Group 6) to create A DAY IN THE LIFE…,  a web app designed to encourage people to consider the many ways in which being a young carer can impact your everyday life.

The YES! project is a series of projects for young carers based at North Tyneside Young Carers Centre. As well as providing a regular group and the opportunity for young carers from across the region to socialise and meet other young carers, the YES! project receives funding to create various resources aimed at raising awareness of the plight of young carers and the challenges that they face.

One of the challenges faced by Young Carer’s Services is that there are still many young carers out there who haven’t been identified, either because they feel that they may be stigmatized or because they don’t realise that the care they’re providing qualifies them as a young carer. We hope that our web app can contribute to raising overall awareness of young carers, help to break down stigmas or negative perceptions and encourage previously unidentified young carers to come forward and receive the vital services and support that they’re entitled to.

A DAY IN THE LIFE… can be played on computer or smartphone by clicking the following link: