An animation about Brexit and the Irish Border

Roots and Wings was approached by a cadre of lecturers from Newcastle and Durham universities, who charged us with the task of producing an animation about how a British exit from the European Union would affect the Irish border. Despite a wealth of discussion and political mud-slinging regarding the referendum on June 23rd, there’s been precious little talk emanating from Westminster regarding a Brexit’s implications for Northern Ireland – the only country in the UK which would suddenly find itself with an EU to non-EU land border. The academics provided the background information, which we then crunched down into a script, storyboarded, drew and animated. It was interesting to hear their opinions on the implications of a Brexit, and I think it’s fine to say how much of a stupid idea they thought leaving the European Union would be; a sentiment that we as an organisation wholeheartedly agree with. On a side note, anyone who thinks the characters in the animation are potatoes needs to get their eyes tested. Then again, I suppose it’s probably a result of ridiculous EU regulations stating that imported potatoes have to be perfect ovals.

Following this initial animation, we were commissioned to produce two further animations, a second animation prompting young people to engage in the process and vote and a third ‘told you so animation’ encouraging viewers not to give up hope as they can still shape the future.