Canny City

Branding for Canny City Project

Canny City is a fantastic project which aims to create spaces that are safe, accessible, welcoming and quiet within our increasingly bustling (and stress-inducing) city centres where people can go just to chat, take time out, and find information on how to access support. Canny City believe that small things like this can make a big difference to people’s mental health and wellbeing, and they want the Canny City logo to be symbolic of a broader commitment by local businesses and organisations to building strong, resilient and connected communities within our city, to support users of mental health and social care services across Newcastle, and for this network to continue to grow through support and training. We’re very pleased to have worked with Canny City on their branding and website and we’ll continue to work with them on their mission of making Newcastle a welcoming, friendly and accessible city for everyone.