In October 2016 we began working with The Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group and their Vanguard team. Our official title was ‘creative communicators’ and we were asked to inject some much-needed pizazz into the products they were creating and their Communication Strategy (online and offline).

The goal was to disseminate the outstanding work they’re pioneering in the care for older people which is both improving and saving lives. This project has seen us create hundreds of designs including infographics, websites, animations, videos and audio design. We have also taken on the communications role for the vanguard team, with dramatic effect, increasing social media engagement and traffic to the website tenfold. We have since been asked to present our methods to NHS England and other vanguard teams across the country.

From the actual website itself to the animations, from the branding to the content there is very little on this ever-expanding website that we haven’t designed alongside the vanguard team.