Rape Crisis

Designs for series of flyers around issue of consent

For the second part of our Creative Fuse collaboration project we worked with staff and students from Northumbria University School of Design and an outreach worker from Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland to produce a series of flyers aimed at raising awareness of the law surrounding issues of consent. The five specific issues addressed by the flyers are: revenge porn, ‘stealthing’, non-consensual choking, non-consensual anal sex and the sending of unsolicited images (‘dick pics’). The legalities around each of these issues were explored with the help of law professionals from Northumbria University and the flyers come as a set of 6, united under the hashtag #justsoyouknow. Each flyer features a different illustration provided by BA Graphic Design students from the university and Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland are planning on launching both the physical campaign targeting students and a broader social media campaign in the New Year.