Developed in collaboration with members of Newcastle University’s Microbiology Department, Epifection is an interactive smartphone App which tests the user’s ability to survive a mock infectious outbreak on the streets of the North East. Epifection was developed in the run-up to the 2013 British Science Festival (hosted by Newcastle University) and was launched across the region alongside a variety of other science-based events and activities. As well as developing content for the App, Roots and Wings provided branding and promotional materials, including a video content, mock hospital wristbands, branded antibacterial gel dispensers and more as part of the surrounding marketing campaign. We worked closely with festival co-ordinators and senior lecturers to ensure the App was both engaging and educational, providing an innovative vehicle for teaching young people about bacteria, hygiene and disease. A special shout out to our resident coder www.echolevel.co.uk who pulled all the strings in the background. Epifection will continue to survive as an educational tool to be used across a range of subjects and undoubtedly has an exciting future!



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