The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell

Five video and animation pieces & teaser for Great North Museum exhibit

We were delighted when The Great North Museum asked us to produce a series of videos for their major new exhibition, The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell. Truth be told none of us had ever heard of Gertrude Bell before this project, and it was certainly an education.

Gertrude Bell was a local lass born and raised in County Durham who went on to become a pioneering archaeologist and one of the key players in the redrawing of the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire following its collapse at the end of the First World War. Rather than me trying to explain why Bell makes such a fascinating subject for this exhibition, it’d definitely be better for you to just watch the videos below. Alternatively get yourself along to the museum and watch them in situ as part of the exhibition, which is open to the public at the Great North Museum from 30th January – 3rd May.