Great North Children’s Hospital

Welcome Animation for Children and Young Person’s Clinic

The Brief…

The Children and Young People’s Clinic, located in the Great North Children’s Hospital, is a specialist unit that cares for children and young people with a range of genital conditions. Hospital can be a scary place, no matter what age you are, and the Children and Young People’s Clinic asked us to produce an animation they could show young patients (aged 7 and under) that would help to alleviate any pre-visit fears.

And The Solution!

When we suggested that it could take the form of a song, the nurses were open to the idea. In our experience music is a fantastically effective and engaging way to deliver your message to young people. I think it’s fair to say that we took the idea and ran with it. The result is (drumroll please)… the Doctopus – a completely bespoke musical production, lovingly illustrated and animated. The Doctopus is on an eight-legged mission to reassure any young children visiting the clinic that they’ll be well cared for, and with very good reason. Roots and Wings has worked with the Great North Children’s Hospital before and we’ve  never failed to be impressed by the staff and their commitment to the young people they treat. We hope the Doctopus reflects this and that it can help lessen any anxieties that young patients may have.