Animated video to help promote renewable energy research partnership

With the Brexit circus rumbling on and sucking in a large proportion of the media oxygen and public attention, the existential threat of man-made climate change, it not being a phenomenon to wait for us to resolve our national identity crisis, continues to gather apace. Fortunately there are some people out there who haven’t completely lost the plot and are endeavouring to find viable, long-term solutions to the most pressing issue that we face as a species.

Roots and Wings were asked to work with the North East Centre for Renewable Energy Materials (NECEM) and Renewable Energy Northeast Universities (ReNU) to produce an animated video about rising global energy demand and how we can hope to meet this demand in the 21st century without further exacerbating the effects of climate change. The video contains nods to some of the North East’s energy pioneers of yesteryear (Stephenson, Armstrong et al) and makes it clear that through partnerships and organisations such as NECEM and ReNU, the North East can position itself to play a significant role in the development of new, clean energy technologies that will help fuel the green energy revolution we so badly need.