Newcastle Wood Recycling CIC

New Website for environmentally-driven social enterprise

Newcastle Wood Recycling C.I.C is a brilliant organization that collects unwanted wood from across Newcastle and saves it from the ‘waste stream’  (i.e. landfill)  by transforming it into lovingly crafted wooden furniture and household /garden products.

Clearly Newcastle Wood Recycling has a fiercely environmental objective, but they’re equally committed to the social good – in their mission to reclaim and repurpose unwanted wood they create opportunities for volunteering and training in the community from their wood yard in Walker, making beautiful furniture in the process.  They also provide much needed affordable studio spaces for local creative businesses.

We’ve spent some time making them a new website to help advertise their services and reflect all the fantastic work they do. It’s always nice to help out a fellow C.I.C. You love wood and we love you…