Nowhere to Go

Website for collaborative research into accessible toilets

Roots and Wings were asked to design a website for Nowhere to Go, a collaborative project funded by Newcastle University’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, to research the lack of accessible toilets in Northumberland. The project explores the difficulties faced by people with disabilities in accessing appropriate toilet facilities and the negative public attitudes which contribute to these difficulties.

We all need to go to the toilet, sometimes without much warning, but unfortunately for some people this means overcoming some serious obstacles; obstacles that Nowhere to Go have explored at length through consultation work with people with disabilities. This consultation work has led to Nowhere to Go producing a body of resources, including videos and useful documents, all of which are available on their new website.

Hopefully all Nowhere to Go’s work raising awareness around these issues will make local councils and businesses take a fresh look at their toilet facilities and think about how they can make them more accessible for everyone.