Recovery College Collective

Print design for brilliant local mental health educators & support network

The Recovery College Collective is a brilliant third sector organisation providing support to individuals experiencing mental illness, trauma, distress, substance misuse or life struggle. ReCoCo is unique amongst Recovery Colleges nationally as the only one that’s entirely peer run and peer led with arms length support from the NHS.

They’ve created a fantastic base on the 5th floor of Newcastle’s Broadacre House from which they provide drop-in support for their service users (known as ‘students’) as well as running a number of courses and groups completely free of charge in all manner of subjects be it practical, creative or therapeutic, from fishing to photography to the intriguingly titled ‘Unusual Experiences Group’.

At ReCoCo all staff and students have their own personal experiences of mental illness allowing them to be refreshingly candid in their discussions. They acknowledge that everyone has their own road to recovery, with some further along this road than others, and in this way ReCoCo staff and students strengthen and support each other through the diversity of their experiences and skills. It was very moving to hear students talk about the positive impact ReCoCo’s innovative approach to therapy has had on their own recovery and we were delighted to be able to provide our design services for their last three termly prospectuses.

In keeping with the Recovery College ethos of doing things a bit differently, they opted for a full-colour broadsheet design. We also made them a website which you can check out here. We wish the Recovery College the best of luck in its mission and we look forward to working with them again in the future.