Road to Recovery Trust

New website for charity on a mission to support abstinence-based recovery

The Road to Recovery Trust is an amazing local organization that helps individuals overcome addiction, whether to alcohol, illegal substances, or anything else, through a twelve-step abstinence-based programme of recovery. They achieve this through their peer support network with regular meetings at George Street Social, where they’re based. George Street Social is unique in that it’s Newcastle’s first dry bar and coffee shop, and provides a safe alcohol-free space from which to hold meetings and run activities and events.

As well providing a network of support to individuals, the Road to Recovery Trust is on a wider mission to challenge addiction stigma and, in their words, “transform the North East of England from a place with one of the highest rates of alcohol, drug and other addictions and related deaths, to a region with one of the highest rates of abstinence-based recovery”. To help them in this mission, the Road to Recovery Trust asked us to build them a new website which is now live. If you’d like to support the Road to Recovery Trust, head along to George Street Social for lunch sometime, and while you’re at it use their ‘Give Back and Pay It Forward’ system to put a cuppa aside for someone who needs it.