Animation & video pieces for Great North Museum’s latest exhibition

Roots and Wings worked alongside the Great North Museum and Newcastle University to produce some short animations for ‘Spineless’, the museum’s first major natural history exhibition since they reopened in 2009. The exhibition draws on their extensive natural history archives to take visitors into the strange and fascinating world of invertebrates, with hundreds of carefully selected specimens on display. You can check out the videos we produced for the museum below…

Making the animations involved working closely with university researchers, including the Institute of Neuroscience’s Vivek Nityanander who is currently researching the mechanisms underlying stereo vision in the praying mantis, and PhD student Dan Skerritt who was researching lobster abundance and movements in Northumberland. The feedback we’ve had from researchers, museum staff and the public regarding the animations has been very encouraging, and we’ve already started working on some new videos for an exhibition coming to the museum in 2016!