Street Workers Toolkit

Roots and Wings were approached by Don Irving and Simon Whitmore (on behalf of Dynamo International) to help them produce a small publication to be used by new social street workers across Europe, as it had become apparent through Dynamo’s research that a proportion of new social street workers felt they were not prepared to deal with many of the challenges presented when working on the street. Social street work is a catch-all term for organisations that provide support to individuals and groups of individuals who live or work on the street, encompassing homelessness, prostitution, forced child labour, drug abuse, and the list goes on. Social problems vary from country to country, as do organisational policies and procedures, there is a broad set of guidelines that social street workers can follow to provide the necessary support and minimise personal risk.

The Street Workers Toolkit provides new street workers with a handy touchstone, offering information in a fresh, accessible format, rather than the bland, wonkish manner in which this information is often presented to employees. The international flavour of this project called for English, French and Spanish versions of the Toolkit, and it has since gone on to be translated into Greek and Bulgarian.

English version download: English toolkit
French version download: French toolkit
Spanish version download: Spanish toolkit