Obviously feedback’s invaluable to a museum for finding out how the public respond to various exhibitions, but as we all know the majority of feedback forms are dullness personified. So when the Great North Museum asked us to redesign their feedback forms, we replied, Yeah we could redesign your feedback forms…or we could go one better and re-think the way you collect feedback entirely…culminating in the creation of the What-Do-You-Think-O-Saurus!

Never a company to do things by halves, we created an entirely bespoke system for collecting feedback forms consisting of a resin model T-Rex skull, some motion sensors, some LED glowing eyes and a custom built podium with a pair of integrated speakers. The forms themselves are steak-shaped and when someone puts one into the T-Rex’s mouth it lets out an almighty roar. Residing in the museum’s foyer, this novel creation has already upped the amount of feedback received and hopefully the What-Do-You-Think-O-Saurus will remain there devouring feedback and scaring children for many years to come.