Youth Homeless North East

Branding for local charity supporting young people affected by homelessness

We were approached by local charity Youth Homeless North East to revamp their identity – YHNE’s objective is ‘to prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness experienced by young people aged 14 to 25 in the North of England’. The vision built into YHNE’s constitution is simply that ‘every young person has the right to a home’. Not a house, but a home – that is to say, the young people that YHNE work with will often be in some form of temporary accommodation and as such may have a ‘roof over their head’. However, this a far cry from having a home i.e. somewhere you can feel comfortable and safe.

We ran participatory workshops with a group of young people to generate ideas for the new YHNE logo. The young people were engaging and had plenty to say, both about the old identity and how they’d like to be represented going forward. As well as a brand new YHNE identity we also produced a new Youth Hub logo for YHNE – Youth Hub consists of participatory sessions with young people at risk of homelessness in order to look at ways of raising awareness about the issues that they face.

Working with YHNE was a sobering experience, as is so often the case when working alongside local charities with ‘front-line’ experience of some of the biggest challenges we face as a society. Thanks YHNE and keep up the amazing work!